daniel edwards

Use Print Creatively & Get a Better R.O.I. on your Marketing $$$

Use Print Creatively & Get a Better R.O.I. on your Marketing $$$

daniel edwards

Daniel Edwards is a printer with a difference, and he is on a mission to help businesses get fantastic value and differentiation by using print in this digital age.

Listen in on this fascinating conversation that discovers Print is far from dead, and can be a powerful marketing medium, when used correctly.  David and Daniel formulate ideas for Pilates-businesses to creatively integrate “Print” into their marketing, so they can increase their return on investment.

Daniel is both creative and practical.  As a small business owner himself, Daniel is well- aware of the budgetary and competitive pressures that can lead business owners to sometimes overlook the best opportunities to market their business.

Learn valuable marketing strategies in this 5th episode of “The Pilates Business Podcast”.

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Show notes

  • [00:00:00] Welcome Daniel Edwards – a printer with a difference.
  • [00:01:14] Marketing industry has really swallowed the digital Kool-Aid.
  • [00:01:56] The physicality of print allows for greater amount of engagement.
  • [00:02:54] Print enables a longer conversation for a marketer with the prospect.
  • [00:03:46] QR codes: one of the big opportunities for print, courtesy of COVID.
  • [00:04:38] Printed cards linked to specific Pilates exercises for clients to take home.
  • [00:05:35] Print helps build an “Excellent Pilates Exercise Habits” & promote your business.
  • [00:06:05] Your Pilates business promotional piece in your client’s purse.
  • [00:07:20] Case study: Salvation Army examined what caused increases in donations.
  • [00:08:35] Print can be used anywhere along the client sales journey.
  • [00:10:37] Coffee cards or even lingerie cards to assist referral.
  • [00:12:17] Classic business story:  A florist & a jewelry shop owner walk into a Pilates studio!
  • [00:13:38] Perceived value: Manage your promotion creatively to double your return.
  • [00:14:27] Case study: AB test showed increase in the ROI by 30%.
  • [00:15:33] Where people fail with print & digital:  Business Cards.
  • [00:18:01] Creating engagement so the person remembers you.
  • [00:19:32] Is it an asset? Does it create real benefit?
  • [00:20:01] Daniel’s book, as a big, effective business card.
  • [00:21:00] The six principles of print design for fantastic ROI from print.
  • [00:22:27] Thank you very much Daniel, for coming on the show & sharing.
  • [00:23:06] Daniel’s website  www.posterboyprinting.com.au

One of the big opportunities, I think now in print, is QR codes. Courtesy of COVID, everyone knows what a QR code is. Everyone knows how to use them. - Daniel Edwards, Poster Boy Printing

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"If you can support your digital efforts with creative printed efforts…with something tactile, which print delivers, then that can really differentiate your Pilates business" - David Gunther, The Pilates Business Podcast

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