bruce hildebrand

Solving a Big Pilates Business Problem

Solving a Big Pilates Business Problem

bruce hildebrand

Bruce Hildebrand has a wealth of Pilates Instruction & Business experience as well as a passion for increasing the wealth of our Pilates Industry worldwide.

In this episode of the Pilates Business Podcast, learn the why and the how that brought Bruce to Pilates.  You need to be aware of the Big Pilates Business Problem that Bruce has identified.  And you will be very interested in the solution that Bruce is creating.

These types of Pilates business problems are certainly worth shining a bright light on, to help ourselves and our future Pilates generations benefit from our mistakes and learnings.

Listen now or listen later, but do not miss this important information and how it can help you with your own Pilates Business journey.

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Show notes

  • [00:00:00] Welcome Bruce Hildebrand, Pilates instructor for over 15 years.
  • [00:00:27] Bruce has come up with a solution to a very important problem for our industry.
  • [00:03:52] Inspired to Pilates by an article written by a wonderful lady from Canberra.
  • [00:07:53] Aussie rules football shorts and absolutely no idea!… I was terrible!
  • [00:09:24] The UK years from 1999 Bruce immersed himself in incredibly beautiful studios with amazing, & richly experienced teachers.
  • [00:12:06] They all just absolutely had a commitment to their clients. There was a genuine care and a genuine consideration for: how they could work with their clients in a way that help their client get the most out of the session.
  • [00:13:00] Crystal clear that Joseph was a genius…
  • [00:16:53] Megan’s the amazing physiotherapist and business partner for 10 years
  • [00:18:26 Opened in Richmond in early 2004, with plans to have a number of studios
  • [00:19:27] Tough conversations, and all the assets that we had built together.
  • [00:19:43] Solutions to a big Pilates problem…for quality Pilates to continue to be taught around the world…we need to line up our schedule with our clients at an appropriate time, in an appropriate space.
  • [00:22:01] The profitability of this transaction gets very thin …No more than 7.8% profitable on gross revenue…makes it really-difficult to maintain a sustainable business.
  • [00:23:33] Identified the issue and tried to solve that in the past by growing,
  • [00:25:31] So you’ve identified the problem and some wrong ways of solving it!
  • [00:27:29] You have got to manage the expenses that come with income for that hour.
  • [00:29:08] It’s about maximizing the use of the capacity of the studio space and the time.
  • [00:31:00] We could have taken away up around the 2.3 or $2.4 million of revenue in any given year. But the most we ever reached was a 1.05 or something like that in 2016.  So, at full tilt, that’s less than 50% of our potential earnings.
  • [00:31:32] A solution where we’ve removed the risk of this loss of time.
  • [00:33:13] Triangulating the three moving parts, the client, the instructor, & the studio space with the new software solution called  TRIMIO   
  • [00:33:39] Pilates Can with two studios in Canberra doing a thousand individual client bookings a month, but between the two studios, could double that.
  • [00:34:22] To recruit instructors of the right caliber, have been offering between $110K and $165K PA for a full-time Contract Pilates instructor.
  • [00:34:44] A problem worth solving, to maximize the value for all three parties
  • [00:36:36] Everyone else that is in the industry because we all struggle one way or the other at times, and we all need to help each other to work through those.
  • [00:37:08] 85% of Pilates studios have more capacity to fill and 65% of instructors are actively looking for more work.
  • [00:37:57] TRIMIO launches in October but you can get “early access”.
  • [00:38:59] Thanks very much, Bruce, for your time and for your dedication to our industry.

We could have taken away up around the 2.3 or $2.4 million of revenue in any given year. But the most we ever reached was a 1.05 or something like that in 2016.  So, at full tilt, that's less than 50% of our potential earnings."                                Bruce Hildebrand - Founder of TRIMIO

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"To recruit instructors of the right calibre, have been offering between $110K and $165K PA for a full-time Contract Pilates instructor."                                                   David Gunther, The Pilates Business Podcast

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