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Why Pilates Business?

Pilates Business was founded by very successful Pilates studio business owners of 20 years, Claire and David Gunther, who initially created their in-house team of skilled business development professionals to assist their own studios.

They are now also partnering with other outside specialist technical marketing firms, who bring high value to likeminded Clinical Pilates studios around the world.

We all provide wonderful solutions for Clinical Pilates clients globally via our evidence-based modality. Our results show that we deserve more for our industry and all our stakeholders including the clients, instructors, and business owners.


With our objective to radically increase the size and profitability of our clinical and wellness Pilates industry globally, we bring you business development and marketing solutions via assets that specialise in the Pilates industry.

You can trust "Pilates Business" to know your Pilates business intimately. With your input we will empower you with real business assets that you can activate immediately into your business ecosystem and use for many years to come.

We are not selling expensive, constraining franchises. And we are not promoting distracting, time consuming courses that promise to turn you into some quasi "digital marketing expert". We recognise that your strengths and real purpose belong in delivering professional Pilates solutions.

So we meet you exactly where you are with your business, and help you develop exactly what will serve your business the best right here & now. Our team is highly skilled to help Pilates businesses to develop as cost effectively as is possible.

Let's face it, you can only afford to acquire a limited number of business assets to power your business. So you need to make sure that you pick the right business assets to develop and that you get them via someone who will deliver.

Claire and David are happy to share their Pilates Business team's expertise, developing custom Pilates business development assets. Their values for "Pilates Business" include "continuous improvement" and "best practice". These same values have served them extremely well over the last 20 year journey with their own Pilates studios. You no longer have to use trial and error.

You will also no longer have to say "WE ARE NOT A GYM" to some digital marketing consultant. Because we get you. And we know how to connect you in the most efficient, productive and meaningful ways with the target market that you serve so selflessly.

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