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Meet the Owners | Pilates Business

David & Claire Gunther worked in sport and fitness in the 80's and 90's, before starting their "fitness" business in 1999 with their first advertisement in the "Yellow Pages" for Fun & Fitness.

They incorporated Pilates, as well as PT and small group PT, eventually specialising in Clinical and wellness Pilates to become "Pilates Can", a brand that is highly trusted and respected in their local market in Australia.

David & Claire own both their studio businesses as well as the two commercial locations in Canberra. This is an unusual success for
a Pilates business, and is due to their steady build of other business assets.

The Pilates Can business is currently providing over 100 scheduled sessions per week and have built a Pilates instructor team with
over 80,000 hours of professional Pilates delivery experience.

Our Values


Because we continue to own and successfully run Pilates Studios for 15 years.


We care about the Pilates industry business owners, Pilates instructors & clients.


To help build excellent Pilates business assets, that benefit all stakeholders.


Continuously improving our client’s business assets via world best practice.


We facilitate fun work environments and practices that support our staff and clients.


So you can improve your Pilates business in the most needed & achievable ways

Our Mission in 2021 is to…

Empower just 10 Pilates professionals to improve their Pilates businesses for all their stakeholders, including clients, employees and owners.

We are achieving this through the creation of the world's best practice business development assets, specifically for Pilates studios and businesses.

This enables these 10 Pilates businesses to confidently take their most important steps towards growth & prosperity for their individual businesses and our mutual industry.

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