competitors game - lyndon forrest

Don’t Play Your Competitor’s Game

Don’t Play Your Competitor’s Game

competitors game - lyndon forrest

Are you actually playing the game of your competitors? If you’re playing in their court, then you may be competing with an unfair disadvantage!

In today’s conversation, we speak with Lyndon Forrest. Lyndon is the Managing Director of Bug Control, Australia, and NZ’s, who are leading providers of Aged Care Infection Prevention and Control consultancy services. We learn critical lessons from Lyndon’s industry and Lyndon’s vast business experience.

As business owners, it is important to know what areas to focus on in our business. We need to standardize essential processes such as sales and service delivery. In particular, we need to deliver specific services that play to our business’s strengths, rather than trying to do too much and by doing so, end up playing our competitor’s game. Rather than our own.

We also need to have engaged team members who “Get it, Want it, and have the capacity to do it” so they can take responsibility for appropriate parts of the business, thus providing the business owner with a healthy balance and the business with the ability to be “Infinite” so that all stakeholders can benefit.

We learn how we can achieve these things through the simplification of our core services. Find out in today’s episode how Lyndon has achieved his business and personal wellbeing balance via his succession planning. Discover how you can do that in your own business to improve your life immensely.

Show Notes

  • [2:30] Business Assets
  • [5:03] Creating Standards Operating Procedures
  • [9:56] The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek – relevance to Pilates Businesses
  • [14:52] Who do you let on board your bus (your business)? They need to “Get it… Want it ….and have the Capacity to do it
  • [16:09] Both keen fly Fisher persons; how that helps our health
  • [18:02] Sales sometimes is a dirty word in a caring industry
  • [21:42] Trying to compete with many others vs a Niche market
  • [23:39] Discussion on “Business Made Simple” by Donald Miller
  • [24:37] If I go to an Italian restaurant, I know I’m going to get Italian food
  • [24:59] Are we playing the game of our competition?
  • [26:50] We really need to decide what niche of the Pilates industry, we are in
  • [27:32] Promoting only the things and the culture and the way that we do Pilates
  • [30:31] Why Lyndon makes David incredibly jealous
  • [33:04] Checkout Lyndon’s business web site at  and reach out to Lyndon via email;

"Sales sometimes is a dirty word in a caring industry" – David Gunther

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"Are you playing the game of your Pilates Business competition. If your playing in their court, then you may be competing with an unfair disadvantage" – David Gunther

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