Wonderful opportunity for one
professional Pilates instructor $110K+++

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Pilates Can Pty Ltd


Canberra, AU


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Who will this opportunity suit

You want to maximise your work satisfaction & income as a professional Pilates instructor in the clinical wellness sector of our Australian Pilates industry.

You love providing excellent private and semi-private Pilates Equipment sessions to clients professionally, and seeing the clients experience life changing results.

You are also very good at being a professional Pilates Equipment instructor, and really enjoy learning more for your professional development.

You want to work within a professional team and culture that will encourage and optimise the above

You would ultimately like to have the benefits of owning a Pilates contract instructor business, within another successful established Pilates studio business.

You may, or may not, like to further minimise the business risk by taking the “easy start” option. This means that initially you would work with us as an employee instructor, to ensure that the contractor step is right for you, and that all we have said about the studio, systems and teams is

Who will this opportunity suit best

You also….

Recognise that whilst you are an excellent Pilates instructor, and that this is your passion, there are other people that you can partner with who can take on other roles for you such as: marketing, sales, administration, scheduling etc

Realise that there is greater value for you if you have someone else delivering those tasks that are outlined above. You want to spend your time either instructing or enjoying your personal life.

Have never liked the idea of a “Franchise” for Pilates. You would not buy one and you do not think that the industry should go that way. Our type of Pilates requires a closer connection between instructors, clients, and studio business owners.

Can see that the concept being offered by this type of contract could be fantastic for you and for other instructors in the clinical and wellness Pilates industry here in Australia and around the world.

Want to know more about the financial details and your own responsibilities within the contract.

Are genuinely excited by this possibility and cannot wait to be contacted to talk about it!

 Let's find out if we are a great fit for each other...

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