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The payment system for this contract rewards, (a) committing to a larger # of hours per week (to a point) and (b) achieving capacity numbers of clients in sessions. Max numbers allowed in semi-private sessions = 4. The average number of clients in semi-private sessions instructed by senior instructors at Pilates Can in the last 2 months = 3.6 clients per session.

Keep in mind that every 5 hours of face to face will require approximately another 1 hour of admin, including programming and liaising with allied health & medical contacts. These examples also assume working 48 weeks of the year
20-25 hours ($30k - $70k)
30-35 hours ($60k - 120k)
25-30 hours ($50k - 90k)
35+ hours ($110K - 170k+++)
This contract allows for the contractor to sub-contract their work to other employees or contractors. Can you see yourself building to that stage? *
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