February 17

What Professional Pilates Instructors Want – Part 2


In part 1, we talked about what how a Professional Pilates Instructors requires a beautiful studio run with efficient operating systems. In part 2 we dig a little deeper and examine what allows a Professional Pilates Instructor to thrive. Pilates instruction is rarely a solo career, the team you work with is so important in ensuring your career grows in the way you value.  That includes:

Collaborative Team to Learn and Grow With

The best Professional Pilates Instructors have other amazing instructors beside them. Collaborating and developing with other instructors is a valuable part of the Professional Pilates Instructor experience. There is always more to learn in Pilates. Experienced senior instructors will often say that they benefit from collaborating with less experienced instructors who have a fresh outlook and perspective on the practice. New instructors obtain priceless learnings to develop and refine their technique via shadowing experienced instructors.

pilates instructor Emma

“I love how generous our staff are with sharing knowledge. There's a great culture of helping each other with ideas on how to treat different injuries or issues” – Emma, Senior Pilates Instructor.

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Impressive Pilates studios encourage professional development amongst instructors, facilitating collaboration and growth. Regular education, discussions, workshops, and personal development are scheduled both in and out of the studio, for the optimum development of the instructor. A Professional Pilates Instructor will seek this development, and actively participate in the continuous learning culture of the studio’s instructor team.

mat pilates with merina

We are not afraid to be wrong, to learn, and to encourage open discussion.” – Merina, Pilates Instructor.

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Flexibility and Job Satisfaction

The flexibility of Pilates studio hours is something that attracts many instructors to the profession. An instructor can work with a studio to schedule the best times for Pilates sessions to suit both their own needs and the needs of the business. They can also schedule time off as needed and be flexible to take on extra work in busy periods. It’s a profession that enables flexibility and time to experience and take advantage of other commitments and opportunities in life!

Every professional seeks job satisfaction. A study found that Pilates Instructors who take on an excessive work load are less satisfied with their jobs and produce less successful clinical results. They are also more likely to feel ‘burnt out’ and emotionally exhausted. A supportive and efficient Pilates studio allows an instructor to maintain an optimal workload and feel satisfied in their career. An efficient studio with groovy staff also brings in a lot of happy clients that make the job enjoyable.

“It is so satisfying to get such a volume of authentic thankfulness for what we do in the studio on a daily basis.”  – Claire, Principal Pilates Instructor.
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To have a voice!

We’re not just talking about your voice in your sessions—having a voice as a Professional Pilates Instructor means you can have your say in the Pilates studio and business operations. A Professional Pilates Instructor wants to have their say on how to maximise the business potential. They know what works and what doesn’t in a Pilates session, and they are the best voice to advise how to make positive changes. Finding a studio that values your opinion is essential for progressing your Pilates career and maximising the Pilates experience for clients.

Now that you know what to look for in a career as a Professional Pilates Instructor, stay tuned for our next blog where we outline what a Pilates studio wants from its amazing instructors!  

A wonderful career opportunity for Pilates instructors awaits...

pilates business owners david and claire

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