January 27

Pilates Post-COVID – Where to now?


As we move solidly into 2021, it is timely to reflect on the changes to the Pilates industry over the last 12 months. This period has produced major disruption for Pilates instructors and businesses worldwide. “Challenging times” is an understatement for many individual Pilates instructors and businesses! And unfortunately, we have not yet beaten COVID-19. 

However, many have been able cope with the traumas, and even grow through them. According to “Exceptional”, an insightful book about focusing on our strengths by Daniel M. Cable, this phenomena is called “Post Traumatic Growth”.  The ability for Pilates businesses to experience

“Post Traumatic Growth” after the effects of COVID-19, depend on the individual Pilates business or instructor, and a combination of:
  • Local circumstances— which vary incredibly. This accepts that some levels of trauma will be easier to overcome than others. Many are still going through those traumas and we all may re-visit them, as at the time of writing this, the COVID19 spectre is still very real. 
  • Ability to access and utilize individual strengths to be resilient and have the vision to see what needs to be done given the trauma.
  • Ability to work hard and creatively to place themselves in a position to then thrive.

Pre-COVID in early 2020, there were over 3000 Pilates businesses and 10,000 people employed in the Pilates/Yoga industry in Australia—and growing! Profits declined sharply when COVID-19 hit and while many Pilates businesses continue to operate, the rate of growth has also declined. Many studios turned to online Pilates to manage lockdowns, rearranging studio operations to be COVID safe, and changing staff structures to meet the surprising new business needs.

The pure volume of these changes made life difficult for Pilates instructors and businesses generally. Yet, as we move through the new normal, there has never been a better time to build your professional Pilates instructor career or small business!

COVID-19 shocked the Pilates World

Rick Stollmeyer (co-founder of Wellness industry platform Mindbody) explains that while COVID-19 shocked the Pilates world, it has also sparked new growth and innovation. Virtual wellness is now an integrated part of many Pilates businesses, expanding opportunity for online Pilates worldwide.

Many in-person Pilates studios, depending on their geographical location, have also bounced back well after re-opening. Most of their clients are seeking out Pilates services to get their movement and health back on-track. However, many Pilates businesses have also changed, with instructors who may have moved or left—and that means there’s now plenty of opportunity for new careers!

There are countless ways to develop your Pilates instructional and business development skills. Once trained in Pilates, an instructor may secure work as an employee or contractor, or even start their own studio—we will go into more detail about these options in an upcoming blog article about “Pilates instructor career development and strategic progression”.

There is also a lot that sets a highly Professional Pilates Instructor from the rest. Professional Pilates Instructors are trained to listen and work constructively with clients to find the best solution, using their extensive knowledge of Pilates technique. They are committed to Pilates practice and ready to own their fulfilling career in Pilates, through all the highs and lows.

If you are on the lookout for opportunities as a Pilates instructor or as a Pilates business, watch this space www.pilatesbusiness.com.au/blog for our upcoming blog about “What a professional Pilates instructor wants”. 

This last 12 months has affected what Pilates instructors want and need to thrive in their profession. Subscribe to our upcoming blog to learn what to lookout for to strategically develop a successful career in the Pilates industry.

A wonderful career opportunity for Pilates instructors awaits...

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